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PGO Closes Bribery Case Against Deputy Interior Minister Troyan’s Aide Ivashtenko

PGO Closes Bribery Case Against Deputy Interior Minister Troyan’s Aide Ivashtenko

PGO, bribe, Vadym Troyan, Svitlana Ivashtenko

The Prosecutor General's Office has closed the case that was filed against Deputy Interior Affairs Minister Vadym Troyan’s aide Svitlana Ivashtenko on suspicion of extorting a bribe.

The Prosecutor General's Office announced this in a statement in response to an information request from the Ukrainian News Agency.

According to the statement, the Main Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General's Office launched the criminal investigation on suspicion of using the threat of violence to extort money from an entrepreneur.

Three people were served with suspicion in connection with this case: Ivashtenko, the Azov Civil Corps’ recruitment department head Volodymyr Brzezinskyi, and intermediary Ihor Shamrai.

"Subsequently, the prosecutor closed the criminal proceedings against the suspect … on the basis of Paragraph 3, Section 1 of Article 284 of the Criminal Procedure Code because of failure to obtain sufficient evidence to prove the suspect’s guilt in court and the exhaustion of opportunities to obtain such evidence," the Prosecutor General's Office said in the statement.

The indictments against Shamrai and Brzezinskyi were sent to court in April this year.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, law enforcement officials detained Brzezinskyi and Ivashtenko on 27 July 2017 on suspicion of extorting a bribe of UAH 1.5 million.

Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko has said that law enforcement officials searched Troyan’s home but found no money received as bribe.

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