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Russia's authorities report a drone attack on Moscow's suburbs

Russia's authorities report a drone attack on Moscow's suburbs

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The authorities of the aggressor country, the russian federation, said that last night, a Ukrainian drone was allegedly shot down in the suburbs of Moscow.

This was announced by the mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, on his Telegram channel.

So, according to him, an attempt was allegedly made to attack the russian capital with a drone at night. The UAV was shot down in the Bogorodsky city district.

In Sobyanin's post, it is said that there are no destructions or victims due to falling debris.

Later, the attack was reported to the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor countries of the russian federation. The agency wrote that the drone shot down at night was allegedly Ukrainian.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, overnight into November 19, the russian invaders attacked Ukraine from the north (Kursk region - the aggressor country of the russian federation) with Shahed-type UAVs. Air Defense Forces worked in three regions. As a result of the anti-aircraft battle, 15 Shahed-136/131 attack UAVs were destroyed.

Earlier, Reuters reported with reference to the report of the Institute of Science and International Security (ISIS) that the aggressor country, russia continues the construction of a plant for the production of Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan. At the same time, the international community has not yet introduced sanctions either against the owner of the enterprise or against the companies associated with it.

In addition, in October, the russian occupiers launched 243 Shaheda missiles, 15 Kh-59 guided air missiles, and nine cruise missiles over Ukraine. Air defense forces destroyed almost all targets.


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