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Pentagon confirms attempted attack on American military base in Syria

Pentagon confirms attempted attack on American military base in Syria

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The U.S. Secretariate of Defense confirmed information that militants tried to attack an American military base in Syria with attack drones.

This was stated by Pentagon representative General Patrick S. Ryder during a video briefing.

"I can confirm that there was an attempted drone attack on At-Tanf (an American military base, - ed.) in Syria. Two strike drones were shot down. There are no injured American servicemen," Ryder said.

He specified that it was a shelling that took place in the afternoon of October 23, Kyiv time.

Ryder also noted that the U.S. is seeing "an increase in missile strikes and UAV attacks" against its bases and facilities in Iraq and Syria.

"We will do everything necessary to ensure the protection of our forces," said a Pentagon representative.

The day before, it was reported that three American military facilities were attacked in Syria - the Al-Tanf and Al- Shaddadi bases, as well as the al-Omar oil field.

Earlier, the media reported that U.S. military bases in the Middle East were under attack on Thursday: drones struck the U.S. base in Al-Tanf in Syria, and a missile strike took place at another U.S. base in Syria - Conoco; the U.S. also intercepted three attack drones in Iraq.


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