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Damage to Ukraine's environment due to war amounts to EUR 55.6 billion – Shmyhal

Damage to Ukraine's environment due to war amounts to EUR 55.6 billion – Shmyhal

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According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine, the total damage to the environment as a result of russian aggression today amounts to more than UAH 2 trillion, or EUR 55.6 billion.

This follows from a statement by the government with reference to the speech of Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal at the United for Justice. United for Nature forum, the Ukrainian News agency reports.

He added that half of these losses are caused by air pollution from forest fires, rocket attacks, and the burning of petroleum products.

Losses due to land pollution amount to more than UAH 980 billion, water bodies – UAH 60 billion.

"Russia's terrorist attack on the Kakhovka Dam became the largest act of ecocide in the last 70 years. According to the Ministry of Environment, the total damage from this terrorist attack alone exceeds UAH 146 billion (EUR 3.8 billion). The irrigation systems of agricultural lands, on which about 2 million were grown, ended up without water tons of grain per year. This is 70% of grain exported by Ukraine to Africa in 2022," Shmyhal said.

He emphasized that the russian federation destroys people, Ukrainian enterprises and infrastructure, the Ukrainian environment, air, land, forests, and water bodies every day.

According to Shmyhal, more than 174,000 square kilometers are considered to be potentially mined territory of Ukraine, while more than 3 million hectares of forest were affected by the war.

He emphasized the importance of compensating for losses due to confiscated russian assets.

"At the summit of the Council of Europe in Reykjavik, an international war damage register was introduced, which also includes an environmental component. This is the first element of the compensation mechanism. In general, it will have three components: a damage register, a commission for reviewing applications, and a compensation fund. It is important that the fund was replenished precisely at the expense of confiscated russian assets. Then the principle of ``Russia will pay'' will be put into practice," Shmyhal noted.

He noted that Ukraine continues to calculate and verify the damage caused to the environment by the war.

It is for this, according to Shmyhal, that an international working group on the environmental consequences of war is operating within the peace formula of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The first result of this group, in his opinion, should be a draft environmental agreement that will create conditions for reliable protection of the environment and stopping of ecocide and payment of reparations.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, as of September 1, 2023, the total amount of direct documented damage caused to the infrastructure of Ukraine due to the full-scale invasion of russia is estimated at USD 151.2 billion.


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