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Britain holds secret talks with russia on Ukraine

Britain holds secret talks with russia on Ukraine

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British and russian officials held a number of diplomatic talks amid the war in Ukraine. According to sources of the British publication Inews, the meetings took place over a year and a half in various locations, including Vienna and New York.

At the talks, the parties discussed the security issues of the UK and the international community, they also raised the issues of grain shortage and nuclear security in the context of the war in Ukraine. According to one of the British diplomats who participated in some meetings, the only issue that the UK did not try to discuss was possible peace talks with Kyiv.

"We have been keeping in contact and we feel it’s crucial to maintain an open dialogue during the war in Ukraine. We are in no way divvying up parts of the country or making peace agreements on anyone’s behalf, but it’s vitally important to keep that line of contact open,” it was said.

A spokesman for the UK Foreign Office confirmed that meetings with russian officials were held only when it was considered "absolutely necessary," and said that any claims that the talks were an attempt to negotiate the end of the war in Ukraine were “neither credible nor accurate”.

“It is for Ukraine, and the Ukrainian government to determine its position in any negotiations, just as it is for Ukraine to determine its free and democratic future,” he said.

A former intelligence officer who is now working with the UK Government on security related matters said the diplomatic talks are a “good thing” during russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as the international community try and tackle issues around nuclear war and grain exports.

“I would be more concerned if they weren’t taking place,” he admitted.

A British intelligence officer added that states almost always maintain diplomatic communication channels.

"All wars end with negotiation, don’t they?" he added.