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Bulgaria cancels ban on import of Ukrainian grain

Bulgaria cancels ban on import of Ukrainian grain

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The National Assembly of Bulgaria decided to lift the ban on the import of Ukrainian agricultural products after September 15.

This is written by European Pravda with reference to BNT News.

The vote took place after a little more than two hours of debate in the plenary hall.

With 124 "yes" votes, the members of the Assembly agreed that the ban on the import of grain from Ukraine, which expires on September 15, should not be extended. 69 members of the Assembly were against.

The Committee on Economic Policy and Innovation of the Parliament of Bulgaria approved the draft decision that the country does not support the extension of the ban on the import of certain agricultural products from Ukraine after September 15, on Tuesday.

In this regard, tension arose between the farmers and the Bulgarian authorities in the following two days. The industry threatened protests, and the authorities called the ban on Ukrainian imports one of the reasons for the rise in prices in the country.

It will be recalled that the Prime Minister of Poland stated that regardless of the decision of Brussels regarding Ukrainian agricultural imports, Poland will not allow itself to be "flooded with Ukrainian crops".

In addition, Hungary wants to expand the ban on the import of agricultural products from Ukraine.