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Russia destroys over 100 decoy targets of AFU – CNN

Russia destroys over 100 decoy targets of AFU – CNN

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Hundreds of units of military equipment "destroyed" by russia in the territory of Ukraine turned out to be decoy weapons, CNN reports.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) successfully replaced howitzers, tanks, mortars, and radars with models. This made it possible to mislead russian invaders. The occupiers wasted drones, missiles, and shells, reporting hundreds of destroyed targets.

Ukrainian D-20 howitzer guns, American-made M777 howitzers, mortars, radars, and air defense equipment are replicated in a small hangar. In the territory of a huge industrial site, you can see an impressive set of decoy weapons of the latest American and European technologies.

Specialists carefully approach the creation of appropriate objects. After each hit, the military gives away debris.

"If the dummy was destroyed, our work was not in vain," a representative of the dummy manufacturing company told CNN.

The man noted that the speed of destruction indicates the quality of the product. If it is not fired upon for too long, the engineers return for the blueprints.

The company's representative added that the russian army had already destroyed hundreds of such dummies. Developers do not even have time to satisfy the demand from the military. At first, the models were "rough," showing that the Armed Forces have better equipment than they actually have. The supply of various Western equipment forced the company to invent new ways of manufacturing dummies similar to prototypes, especially since more complex weapons are arriving in Ukraine.

So, the lures gave their results. The russians spent money on missiles and drones that simply disappeared.

"After all, drones and missiles are expensive. Our models are much, much cheaper," he added.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, the Czech Republic showed how inflatable long-range rocket launchers are produced, which are then used in Ukraine as decoy targets for strikes by the russian invaders.


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