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AFU destroy 6 russian boats near left bank of Kherson Region - Humeniuk

AFU destroy 6 russian boats near left bank of Kherson Region - Humeniuk

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Last day, the Ukrainian military destroyed 6 boats of the aggressor state of the russian federation, which tried to restore lost positions from the water while maneuvering among the islands along the occupied left bank of the Kherson Region.

This was reported by the head of the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine Nataliya Humeniuk on Radio Svoboda.

"At this stage, we can say that the enemy continues to activate there. It is looking for ways to provide itself with a more dense defense. And including from the direction of the Dnieper itself, from the water. But minus 6 boats - is a very eloquent, convincing summary that we can now speak over the past day. This is how their (russian federation troops - ed.) attempt to gain a foothold in those positions from which they were previously knocked out ended.

Also, we continue to destroy the personnel. And other equipment - guns, mortars. All the things with which they try to bombard the right bank and cause significant damage to the civilian population, both in the material sense and in the physical sense. Because, unfortunately, there have been victims in the past day in the Kherson Region," Humeniuk said.

Also, according to the spokeswoman, the russian forces have become more active in the air, they are not stopping attacks on the right bank of the Kherson Region with guided aerial bombs. In addition, UAVs are directed to the area where Sea Breeze exercises are held.

Humeniuk emphasized that the forces of the russian federation prevail on the Left Bank and they are "very powerful."

Meanwhile, it is noted that the morning summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces does not mention the destroyed boats of the russian federation. The destroyed boats are not mentioned in the official reports of the Ministry of Defense of the russian federation.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, meanwhile, in the Donetsk Region in the Bakhmut axis, the Ukrainian military destroyed a new development of the russians, the russian tank T-90M, which is also called Proryv [Breakthrough], with the help of a drone.