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Russians forming "shock fist" of hundreds of thousands of troops in Kupyansk axis - Yevlash

Russians forming "shock fist" of hundreds of thousands of troops in Kupyansk axis - Yevlash

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The russian invaders are forming a "shock fist" in the Kupyansk direction of hundreds of thousands of soldiers. This was announced by the head of the press service of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ilia Yevlash, on Radio Svoboda.

"They act according to the standard plan - to form a "shock fist" of hundreds of thousands of people, and then simply throw them as the meat. We have already experienced this tactic in Bakhmut, as well as in other axes. However, when actions are correctly formed and planning and various asymmetric actions are used, and terrain folds and terrain are used correctly, then the number, in principle, no longer plays such a prominent role as it used to have," Yevlash said, answering a question about whether the Armed Forces of Ukraine are aware of the russia’s army strategy regarding the preparation of an assault on the Kupyansk axis.

According to him, there is currently a technological war, in particular, a war of artillery and drones, therefore, with the active use of troops, even such a number of people can be repelled.

As for equipment, according to Yevlash, the russian forces have difficulties with it.

"Each time we record an incomplete set of equipment. And sources such as Oryx record the damage of T-55 tanks, that is, we can conclude that it is really difficult with the equipment, and we can judge the effectiveness of our artillery and counter-battery units, which destroy the artillery of the occupiers on a daily basis," he added.

It will be recalled that Maliar previously stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for a new wave of enemy offensive in the Lyman-Kupyansk axis.