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NATO To Send 250 Bombers And Fighters To Russian Borders

NATO To Send 250 Bombers And Fighters To Russian Borders

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NATO countries and their allies will conduct the largest air exercises in the history of the alliance from June 12 to 23. In total, 25 countries will send almost 250 aircraft to them, from strategic bombers B-1 to fifth-generation fighter-bombers of F-35 and deadly drones of long range. The exercises will be led by Germany, but will "stretch" halfway through the world - from America to the Russian borders in the Baltic and the Black Sea, The Wall Street Journal reports.

More than 10,000 troops will also take part in them, more than 2,000 missions will be carried out.

According to the scenario of the Air Defender 23 exercise, the enemy captures the German port of Rostock (by the way, there is a pipeline from which oil brought by the sea is pumped), and NATO forces, according to article 5 of the alliance charter, stand in collective defense of Germany. It is also supposed to simulate the attack of Russian missiles and drones, the interception of which will be sent fighters. Combat aircraft will actively use airspace on the eastern flank of NATO, such as Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania.

"It's about sending a strong message: If the worst comes, we can defend ourselves," said Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz, commander of the German Air Force. He did not say to whom this signal was sent, but the Bild newspaper that quoted him wrote that it was already "clear - to Russia and President Vladimir Putin."

"Germany must take more responsibility and sometimes become a leader among NATO countries in Europe," Gerhartz told WSJ. The country will provide 70 combat aircraft, so "we show that this NATO territory is our red line," he added.

"The skills learned during the exercise will come in handy for the deployment and interoperability of Air Force forces not only in Europe but also in Asia, in particular to protect Japan and South Korea," Lt. Gen. Michael Loch, commander of the U.S. Air National Guard, told WSJ. Japan also participates in Air Defender 23.