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France confirms death of another volunteer in the war in Ukraine

France confirms death of another volunteer in the war in Ukraine

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France confirmed the death of a French volunteer who fought on the side of Ukraine in the ranks of the International Legion.

This follows from a statement by the agency in a comment to the AFP agency, the European Pravda online media outlet reports.

"We learned the sad news about his (volunteer's) death. We express our condolences to the family, with whom the relevant services of the ministry... are in contact," the foreign policy department said.

The French Foreign Ministry emphasized that "the entire territory of Ukraine is a war zone." It recalled the recommendation for French citizens not to go to Ukraine, regardless of the reason.

According to Le Monde newspaper, a French volunteer dubbed 'T.' was killed in Ukraine last week.

He became the eighth French citizen killed during the hostilities in Ukraine after 30-year-old Kevin David, a volunteer killed by Russian troops near Bakhmut.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, the Russian authorities are preparing to launch a major campaign to recruit 400,000 military personnel. According to Russian mass media, Russia presents the campaign as recruiting volunteers and professional personnel, not as a mandatory mobilization.


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