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Man From Lviv Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison For Stealing 5 Packs Of Cigarettes

Man From Lviv Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison For Stealing 5 Packs Of Cigarettes

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On March 20, the Stryiskyi court of the Lviv Region sentenced a native of Lviv to 7 years in prison for stealing 5 packs of cigarettes from a store during the war in Ukraine.

This is evidenced by the court's verdict, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

A resident of the Lviv Region was found guilty of committing a criminal offense provided for in Part 4 of Article 186 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and impose a penalty of imprisonment for 7 (seven) years.

The preventive measure in the form of round-the-clock house arrest until the verdict enters into force was left unchanged.

Moreover, he was given such a punishment only because the crime was committed during the war.

In peacetime, for the same punishment, he faced a fine of up to UAH 68,000, community service for up to 240 hours, or correctional work for a term of up to 2 years, or arrest for a term of up to 6 months, or imprisonment for a term of up to 4 years.

The court established that on November 24, 2022, a man entered the Gradus store in Stryi and took two packs of Marlboro Gold cigarettes worth UAH 83 each from the sales rack, for a total of UAH 166, which he hid in his pocket.

After that, he took three more packs of Sobranie cigarettes, worth UAH 130 each, for a total of UAH 390, and hid them in his pocket.

The saleswoman made a remark to him, but he did not react, did not pay for the cigarettes and left the store.

In court, the accused admitted his guilt, sincerely repented and stated that he had smoked cigarettes on his own.

The amount of material damage amounted to UAH 556.

The court found the defendant guilty and sentenced him to 7 years in prison.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Irpinskyi Court of the Kyiv Region chose a preventive measure in the form of a personal commitment for volunteer Serhii Dovhyi, who cut off the graffiti of the world-famous street photographer Banksy from a wall in Hostomel.