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Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki Will Insist On Purchasing Ammunition For Ukraine Outside EU

Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki Will Insist On Purchasing Ammunition For Ukraine Outside EU

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Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki plans to convince EU partners of the need for joint procurement of ammunition outside the EU, as Ukraine needs ammunition now, and there is not enough of it in Europe. The politician said this in an interview with the RMF FM radio station.

"In Brussels, it is a kind of Polichinelle secret that there is no ammunition in Europe. On the other hand, there are several regions in the world, in particular South Korea and Israel, where there are much more such ammunition. Therefore, I count on the fact that our joint discussions with the European Commission, several key countries, Germany and France, will lead to the rapid receipt of ammunition, because Ukraine needs it here and now," Morawiecki said.

Currently, France opposes the purchase of ammunition outside the European Union, insisting that profitable contracts go to European firms.

"I will convince them (France - ed.) because ammunition is needed very quickly. Since we do not have such ammunition here in Europe in sufficient quantities, we have to buy it from outside, just as Poland is now buying super-modern K2, K9 and Abrams weapons from abroad," the Polish Prime Minister noted.

At the same time, he admitted that the consent of, for example, South Korea is also needed.

"We have to start with this. We can do it only if the person who sells to us gives permission to export, gives permission to transfer these ammunitions. We are, of course, a reliable partner, so we will do it only with consent," Morawiecki emphasized.