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Belarusian Military Invaded Territory Of Ukraine Together With Russians - Media

Belarusian Military Invaded Territory Of Ukraine Together With Russians - Media

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Belarusian troops took part in a full-scale invasion of Ukraine last February, but Belarus still does not have the status of an aggressor country, and Kyiv has not yet severed diplomatic relations with Minsk.

This is stated in the investigation of Zaborona publication.

The presence of Belarusians on the territory of Ukraine is proven by the testimony of dozens of residents of the Chernihiv Region. So, the occupiers set up a base in Vyshneve. There they made a stronghold in the school, and in the basement they set up a dungeon for local activists, members of the territorial defense and employees of law enforcement agencies.

According to local residents, they communicated with the Belarusian military when they were stationed in the village. Basically, they stood at roadblocks and told people that they were allegedly saving them from the "Banderivtsi".

In addition to local residents, the presence of Belarusians in the village is evidenced by the stories of the village council employees. According to their observations, the Belarusians did not participate in repressions: rather, they "monitored public order" and collected information about local residents. The uniform of the Belarusians differed from the form of the Russians.

In another village, Bobrovytsia, they also talk about the Belarusian invaders. They mainly performed security functions and allegedly marked their equipment with the letter "O".

The Ukrainian military also talked about Belarusian equipment that crossed the Ukrainian border. Thus, on March 1, 2022, the spokesman of the regional command of the North Territorial Defense Forces, Vitalii Kyrylov, told on the air of the Ukrainian telethon of national news that Belarusian troops had entered the Chernihiv Region and that the column was moving from the direction of Horodnia in the direction of Chernihiv. There were no further official statements about it. According to Kyrylov, the letter "O" did not denote Belarusian equipment, but only the direction from which it was moving - north.

According to the journalists, they addressed the request to the Ministry of Defense and Defense Intelligence, but they did not comment on the presence of Belarusian troops in Ukraine. Diplomatic relations between Kyiv and Minsk have not yet been severed. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ihor Kyzym is in Minsk. He criticizes Lukashenko's regime rather discreetly and supports the cultural events of the Republic of Belarus.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, according to the data of the border guards, the formation of strike groups is currently not recorded on the territory of Belarus.