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Ukraine will have only one attempt for a counteroffensive – Czech President

Ukraine will have only one attempt for a counteroffensive – Czech President

Ukraine, have, attempt, counteroffensive, Czech President, Petr, Pavel

The President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, believes that the next few months are the best time for Ukraine to launch a counteroffensive, but the Ukrainian military will have only one attempt.

He said this in an interview for the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita.

"Many countries, many politicians expect some progress this year. I believe Ukraine will have only one attempt to launch a major counteroffensive. Therefore, if it decides to launch a major counteroffensive and it fails, it will be extremely difficult to get funds for the next one," Pavel said.

According to him, the counteroffensive should happen within a few months, and the window of opportunity is open this year.

"After next winter, it will be extremely difficult to maintain the current level of aid. War fatigue is not only the depletion of human resources and equipment, the destruction of infrastructure in Ukraine, but also fatigue in the countries that provide aid," the Czech president added.

Pavel emphasized that the West should now provide Ukraine with any weapon necessary to achieve its goals.

"If the goal is to liberate the entire territory, let's give them everything they need. Although, of course, there are limitations. There are also limitations on the part of Ukraine because, for example, human resources are not unlimited. Western aid also has limits," he said.

Pavel reminded me that elections will be held in the United States next year, and society and politicians will focus more on domestic issues.

"Even if there is an important global theme in the upcoming campaign, it will not be related to Europe but to American-Chinese relations. America's interest in Ukraine and the level of aid may decrease next year. And when American interest decreases, many European countries will do the same," he believes.

As earlier reported, the Defense Intelligence reported that the AFU will launch a counteroffensive in the spring, but the specific time depends on the supply of weapons.

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