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UN General Assembly Supports "Peace Formula" Regarding Ukraine

UN General Assembly Supports "Peace Formula" Regarding Ukraine

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The UN General Assembly approved the draft resolution "Peace Formula" - a plan to end the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Among the main points there is the complete withdrawal by Russia of its troops from the entire territory of Ukraine within the internationally recognized borders.

This was reported by the correspondent of European Pravda.

141 UN member states voted for the resolution, another 32 abstained during the vote (in particular, Iran, Kazakhstan and China), and 7 countries opposed it: Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, Mali, Nicaragua, Russia and Syria.

In addition to demands to withdraw troops, the resolution also calls for proper treatment of prisoners of war.

The need to "ensure responsibility for the most serious crimes under international law committed on the territory of Ukraine by conducting proper, fair and independent investigations and prosecutions at the national or international level" is separately mentioned.

Earlier, Belarus tried to make two amendments to the document. They discussed the condemnation of the statements of foreign leaders regarding the "Minsk Agreements" and the call to end military aid to Ukraine. Both amendments were rejected.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres believes that Russia's war against Ukraine will not end in the near future.