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Occupiers Caused Damage To Environment For UAH 1.9 Trillion Since Beginning Of War

Occupiers Caused Damage To Environment For UAH 1.9 Trillion Since Beginning Of War

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The amount of damage to the Ukrainian environment from Russia's armed aggression amounts to almost UAH 1.9 trillion.

This is stated in the notification of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"During the year of the full-scale war, the experts of the State Environmental Inspectorate and I have already documented more than 2,300 crimes against nature. The amount of damage reaches almost UAH 1.9 trillion. For example, not every European country has the same amount of forest that the Russians destroyed in Ukraine. Almost 500,000 hectares today under occupation or are in the war zone. 2.4 million hectares of forests have already been cleared and need to be restored. It is interesting that almost the same amount - 3 million hectares - was burned by fires in Siberia in the first 4 months of last year. That is, Russian aviation, instead of, to deal with the elimination of fires at home, bombed our cities and burned forests," said Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Ruslan Strilets.

According to him, over the course of a year, a fifth of the Ukrainian reserve fund has felt the consequences of hostilities.

In particular, 10 national natural parks, 8 nature reserves, and 2 biosphere reserves are under occupation.

"About 600 species of fauna and 750 species of flora are under threat of destruction. These are, in particular, Red Book species. We already have about a thousand recorded cases of dolphin deaths on the coasts of Ukraine, Bulgaria and Turkey. The most industrialized part of Ukraine is in the war zone. It is occupied 132 mineral deposits. The industry's losses for the year reach UAH 7.76 trillion," Strilets said.

He noted that more than 23 million tons of greenhouse gases were released into the atmosphere only from fires in forests, agricultural and other facilities during hostilities.

"In addition, from the first days of the full-scale invasion, we faced unprecedented nuclear terror. The Chornobyl nuclear power plant was under occupation for 35 days and suffered losses of UAH 3.2 billion. Today we have a new challenge. The situation with Russia's actions at the Kakhovka reservoir can have colossal consequences. And it's not just depriving one million Ukrainians of drinking water. A drop in the water level in the reservoir could lead to the failure of the cooling systems of the Zaporizhzhia NPP," Strilets emphasized.

According to him, Ukraine continues to record all the crimes of the occupiers and will demand compensation for the damages caused.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, as of December, the occupiers had caused damage to Ukraine's infrastructure to the tune of USD 138 billion.