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Russians Making About 40 Cruise Missiles Per Month - Budanov

Russians Making About 40 Cruise Missiles Per Month - Budanov

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Russia produces about 40 cruise missiles per month, which is why the intensity of shelling of Ukraine is falling.

The head of the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov announced this in an interview with Forbes Ukraine, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"In total, in a month they produce sometimes 20, sometimes 22 Kalibr missiles. These are the ones that are launched from the sea. About 15, sometimes up to 20, missiles like Kh-101. This is why the number of missiles decreases in each salvo. The intensity of the shelling is falling. Initially, massive rocket attacks were every Monday, then every eight days, now - every ten days, two weeks. They reduce the number of missiles and increase the interval," he said.

Budanov also explained that it prevents the Russians from increasing missile production.

'There's no capacity, it's a bubble. If you have not done anything for 30 years, you cannot do it in one day, in conditions of war and in conditions of sanctions, as you want," he added.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Budanov said that Russia sent 90% of those mobilized to the war in Ukraine without training.