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Roads Blockage And Documents Check Possible In Kyiv Region

Roads Blockage And Documents Check Possible In Kyiv Region

Kyiv region

Since February 21, military and law enforcement officials have been conducting security measures in the Boryspil District of the Kyiv Region, during which traffic restrictions and verification of citizens’ documents are possible. The head of the Boryspil District State Administration Ruslan Diachenko has warned about this on his Facebook page on Tuesday, February 21.

"Dear residents of the Boryspil District! ATTENTION‼ From 8.30 a.m. on February 21, within a few days, our military and law enforcement representatives will begin conducting planned security measures in the territory of the Boryspil District of the Kyiv Region. During these events, temporary restriction of the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, as well as documents check in certain areas of the community is possible,” Diachenko wrote.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on January 21, military exercises were held in the Kyiv Region to counter the enemy landing and destroy saboteurs.

Also in the north of the Kyiv Region, sappers are mining tank access areas and ways of probable advancing of enemy troops.

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