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Russians Want To Seize 2 Ukrainian Fishing Trawlers Worth USD 10 Million In Spanish Port

Russians Want To Seize 2 Ukrainian Fishing Trawlers Worth USD 10 Million In Spanish Port

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The Russians, in collusion with officials of state enterprises, tried to seize two Ukrainian fishing trawlers in the port of Spain.

The Prosecutor General's Office informed Ukrainian News Agency about this.

At the request of prosecutors of the Prosecutor General's Office, two vessels have already been arrested.

At the moment, together with the law enforcement agencies of the Kingdom of Spain, measures are being taken to prevent the Russian Federation from taking possession of these vessels.

According to the investigation, officials of state enterprises in the water transport industry, in collusion with citizens of the Russian Federation, planned to hand over two fishing trawlers belonging to Ukraine to the aggressor state for fictitiously created debts to the occupiers.

This criminal group leased two Ukrainian fishing vessels to the Russian Federation’s company.

In the future, they tried to transfer them to the state development corporation VEB RF allegedly for the debts of Ukraine to the Russian Federation - as payment of a fictitious debt for the imposition of arrests by Ukraine on the Russian assets of PJSC Prominvestbank.

For this purpose, the officials of the state-owned enterprises hired a crew of Russian citizens and drove the ships to the Spanish port of Las Palmas.

Officials of state-owned enterprises transferred the funds received for the lease of vessels to the bank accounts of controlled legal companies and bar associations for the provision of fictitious services and subsequently cashed them.

Law enforcement officers conducted a number of searches.

Investigations are ongoing.

The pre-trial investigation into the fact of aiding and abetting the aggressor state is carried out by investigators of the Main Investigation Directorate of the SSU (Part 1 of Article 111-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the court arrested 170 railway cars with Russian and Belarusian goods.