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Over 28,000 Killed Due To Earthquakes. Unrest Begins In Turkey

Over 28,000 Killed Due To Earthquakes. Unrest Begins In Turkey

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Unrest in southern Turkey has disrupted rescue efforts in some areas after the deadly earthquake. The BBC writes about it.

The death toll from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 28,000, and hope of finding more survivors is fading.

German rescuers and the Austrian army suspended search operations on Saturday, recalling the clashes between unnamed groups. The security situation is expected to worsen as food supplies dwindle.

Clashes between unknown groups in Hatay province have forced dozens of Austrian servicemen to seek refuge in a base camp along with other international organizations.

Hours after Austria suspended rescue efforts, the country's defense ministry said the Turkish army had taken over and allowed rescue operations to resume.

The German branch of the search and rescue group ISAR and the German Federal Agency for Technical Assistance have also suspended operations, recalling the safety concerns. German rescue teams said they would resume work as soon as Turkish authorities deemed the situation safe.

Turkish state media reported on Saturday that 48 people had been arrested for looting. Several weapons were reportedly seized, as well as cash, jewelry and bank cards.

Turkey's president has said he will use emergency powers to punish anyone who breaks the law.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, 26 million people were affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

Earlier in Turkey, six members of one family were rescued after spending 101 hours under rubble after a devastating earthquake.