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Cabinet Expands Category Of Civil Servants Who Have Right To Travel Abroad

Cabinet Expands Category Of Civil Servants Who Have Right To Travel Abroad

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The government has expanded the categories of women and men among civil servants who can go abroad to be with their children. Now it can be guardians, custodians and adoptive parents, both women and men. This is stated in the text of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, posted on the government portal.

"Passage across the state border of a woman and/or a man who is a single parent, single adopter or guardian, custodian, adoptive parent or foster parent (provided that he is not married and independently raises and supports the child without the participation of the mother), from among the persons specified in this point who have or are raising a child/children under the age of 18, during their departure outside Ukraine for the purpose of visiting such children who are outside Ukraine, or to accompany such children for departure outside Ukraine carried out by authorized persons of the State Border Guard Service in the presence of relevant supporting documents".

In turn, the State Border Guard Service stressed that for this women need: a foreign passport, a child's birth certificate, documents confirming the child's stay abroad.

In addition, men must have documents confirming the status of a single father, the upbringing and maintenance of a child by the father on his own.