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Ukrainian Government Terminated Agreement With RF On Water Relations

Ukrainian Government Terminated Agreement With RF On Water Relations

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On December 30, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine during the meeting approved the decision to terminate 30-year diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation in the field of water relations. This is stated in the notification of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

It is noted that in fact such cooperation was stopped in 2014 - Ukrainian specialists do not conduct any joint actions with Russians on transboundary water bodies and do not exchange information in this area.

"By its actions, Russia violated the norms of the Agreement on the joint use and protection of border water bodies, tried to spoil everything that we created in the field of water policy during the years of Ukraine's independence. So it is clear that in such conditions any goals of the Agreement are not viable. Now we are on different coasts and we will implement the European principles of water resources management without the participation of the Russian Federation. It will not be easy. You never know what "gift" the murderous neighbor will prepare," said Minister Ruslan Strilets.

Thus, it is reported that as of today it is known about UAH 400 million of damages to the water sector as a result of Russian aggression. The final consequences will become known only after the de-occupation of Ukrainian territories and extensive research into the impact of hostilities on water resources.

"Breaking water relations with the Russian Federation is our response to the aggressor on the diplomatic front. This once again sends a signal to our international partners that we should not deal with the lying Russian side," the Minister emphasized.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukraine initiates the expulsion of Russia from the UN Security Council and the United Nations as a whole.

Russia's war in Ukraine is harming wildlife. Thousands of dead dolphins were found on the shores of the Black Sea.