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Ex-NBU Head Shevchenko Received Suspicion On WhatsApp And Has Temporary Residence Permit In Austria Until 2024

Ex-NBU Head Shevchenko Received Suspicion On WhatsApp And Has Temporary Residence Permit In Austria Until 2024

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The former head of the National Bank of Ukraine, Kyrylo Shevchenko, received a notification of suspicion in the WhatsApp messenger and has a temporary residence permit in Austria until March 2024.

This is stated in the materials of the High Anti-Corruption Court, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The court documents indicate that the notification of suspicion against Shevchenko was sent to his e-mail, and also given to his mother-in-law, who refused to sign the receipt of documents. It was not possible to hand over the notification of suspicion to Shevchenko personally due to his absence at the appropriate address, which is why a report was made and the specified circumstances were recorded by making a video recording.

In addition, as an additional measure, a scanned notification of suspicion and reminders about procedural rights and obligations were sent using the WhatsApp messenger.

At the same time, on October 10, that is, after the notification of suspicion, Shevchenko wrote a message to the NACB detective with the following content: "Good afternoon! I went abroad on a business trip. Due to the deterioration of my health, I was forced to seek medical help abroad. I am currently undergoing treatment in Vienna, after which I will contact you immediately. Details and supporting documents will be provided by the lawyer who provides me with legal assistance in accordance with the agreement dated June 11, 2021."

In addition, the court documents indicate that Shevchenko has legal grounds for living in Austria, as he received a temporary residence permit until March 3, 2024, on March 3, 2021.

It is also known that the wife and daughter of the ex-head of the NBU left Ukraine for Croatia on February 23, 2022 and did not return to the territory of Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the High Anti-Corruption Court arrested the former head of the National Bank Kyrylo Shevchenko in absentia.

The SACPO served the head of the NBU Shevchenko with suspicion of embezzlement of funds in Ukrgasbank.