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Russia Increasing Intervals Between Massive Missile Attacks And Their Intensity Decreasing - Defense Intellige

Russia Increasing Intervals Between Massive Missile Attacks And Their Intensity Decreasing - Defense Intelligence

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Russia did not stop its alleged plan to launch more than 100 missiles. In addition, the missile reserves of the Russian Federation continue to be depleted, therefore the intervals of massive shelling are increasing, and the intensity is decreasing. This was announced by the representative of the Defense Intelligence Andrii Yusov on the air of the telethon.

Thus, he noted that compared to the first massive missile strikes by the Russian Federation on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, the intervals between attacks have now begun to increase, and the number of missiles is decreasing.

"The enemy's missile potential is decreasing. They cannot maintain such a high intensity both in terms of regularity and in terms of quantity," Yusov said.

In addition, he noted that if the Russians could use more missiles today, they would certainly do so. However, the Russian plan for missile terror of Ukraine is long-term, so the enemy cannot fire one salvo and spend everything.

"In other words, we can, unfortunately, count on the fact that there will be repetitions," said the representative of the Defense Intelligence.

He reminded that at the same time their missile stock is being depleted and is not being replenished in the proper quantity, because Kalibr, for example, is not being produced in the required quantity.

Commenting on the morning missile attack, he noted that in parallel, before that, the enemy carried out Shahed attacks. At the same time, strikes from S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems were recorded.

"Rashists are launching on Ukraine everything that can fly and move. But due to the fact that Ukraine is not silently observing and waiting for the next strike - serious systematic and complex preparation is underway ... we see that despite the massive missile attack, the infrastructure of Ukraine has withstood and will withstand necessarily," said Defense Intelligence representative Yusov.

He drew attention to the fact that Ukraine manages to minimize the damage from Russian massive missile attacks thanks to preparation.

"The worst is where the front-line zone, where the S-300s can reach, because the civilian population and civilian infrastructure really suffer from this," Yusov said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Arestovych said in the morning that Russian terrorist forces had prepared more than 100 missiles for launch. There will be a few launches totally.

Thus, Russian terrorist forces began to attack Ukraine from various directions. There was a massive missile attack.

There were 4 hits in Kharkiv and the region during the massive missile strike.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced the alleged destruction of a Ukrainian missile that flew into the territory of the country this morning, while Russia was carrying out a massive missile attack on the territory of Ukraine.