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Occupiers Place Warehouses With Ammunition In Schools Of Zaporizhzhia Region

Occupiers Place Warehouses With Ammunition In Schools Of Zaporizhzhia Region

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In the Zaporizhzhia Region, the occupiers are not only housed in abandoned schools, but also create warehouses with ammunition there. This is stated in the message of the National Resistance Center.

Thus, it is noted that the Russian military is creating warehouses with ammunition in the basements of front-line schools in the Vasylivskyi district.

"The enemy deliberately turns civilian objects into military targets for provocations and the creation of propaganda plots. This is "liberation" by the Russians. Liberation of populated areas from people, education, children and peaceful life," the National Resistance Center reported.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Russians are looking for children in the temporarily occupied territories studying in Ukrainian online schools. In case of detection, the parents are called for preventive talks.

Meanwhile, the Russian occupiers are mass deserting in the Zaporizhzhia Region. Separate units of the Russian Guard were sent to the city of Prymorsk for search operations. According to the preliminary information of the General Staff, more than 200 people are wanted.

Also, in Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia Region, the occupiers try to move around in civilian clothes whenever possible because of the danger from the local population.