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More Than Two-Thirds Of Estonian Citizens Continue To Support Reception Of Refugees From Ukraine

More Than Two-Thirds Of Estonian Citizens Continue To Support Reception Of Refugees From Ukraine

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The share of supporters of accepting Ukrainian refugees in Estonia remains high, while support has been slowly declining since the spring. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the firm Turu-uuringute AS on the order of the State Chancellery, writes the European Pravda publication with reference to the ERR portal.

The largest number of Estonian residents supported the reception of refugees in April - then 81% of respondents were completely in favor or rather in favor. In the months that followed, support slowly but steadily declined.

In October, 72% of the population was in favor of accepting refugees, and in November - 71%. The statistical error of the results is 2.52%. According to the authors of the study, in the case of such a small change, it can be argued that the indicators of support in recent months remained practically unchanged.

Compared to the spring, the share of people who firmly support the reception of refugees has decreased - in April this indicator was 52%, in October - 32%, and in November - 33%. Support for accepting refugees decreased both among Estonians (92% in April, 80% in October and November), and among representatives of other nationalities (59% in April, 54% in October, and 51% in November).

It is noted that 1,256 Estonians over the age of 15 took part in the survey, which took place from November 17 to 21.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, as of late December, there are 950,000 Ukrainian refugees in Poland who left their country due to the Russian invasion.

Earlier it was reported that citizens of Ukraine, who received the status of temporary protection in Poland, increasingly find that it has been revoked. Usually, the loss of UKR status (in the PESEL register) is revealed when applying to local institutions or when returning to the territory of Poland. The Embassy of Ukraine in Poland has provided recommendations on what to do in such cases for Ukrainians and what grounds there may be for annulment of the status.