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Border Guard Service Assesses Risk Of Russian Offensive From Belarus

Border Guard Service Assesses Risk Of Russian Offensive From Belarus

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The number of Russian troops in Belarus is insufficient to create an offensive group in Ukraine. This was stated on the air of the telethon by the Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Serhii Deineko.

Deineko said the threat of an offensive by the occupiers remains, but they do not currently have the required number of military personnel.

"We do not record the creation of offensive groups, and the group that the Russian Federation has is about 10,000 troops, it is not capable of performing the tasks of a second attack on the territory of Ukraine," said the head of the State Border Service.

Deineko stressed that Ukraine monitors the situation on the territory of Belarus on a daily basis, for which it attracts border guards, intelligence and operational-search units. Also valuable data is shared by "unspoken" assistants. The collected information shows that the aggressor currently does not have offensive potential from the territory of Belarus, the head of the State Border Service said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on December 24, analysts from the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) did not rule out a second Russian offensive on Kyiv by Belarus.

On December 20, the commander of the United Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhii Naiev said that the level of military threat to the Russian Federation from the territory of Belarus is growing.

On December 13, the self-proclaimed President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko ordered a sudden check of the combat readiness of troops.