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Kametstal Resumes Steel Production After Blackout

Kametstal Resumes Steel Production After Blackout

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The Kametstal plant (Kamyanske, Dnipropetrovsk Region) has resumed steel smelting after a forced shutdown due to power supply restrictions due to massive enemy shelling.

This is stated in the message of the Metinvest group, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The converter shop of the metallurgical plant Kametstal has resumed work after being forced to stop due to power supply restrictions as a result of massive enemy shelling...Currently, at Kametstal the work of converter No. 2 and continuous billet casting machine No. 3 has been resumed. The units of the oxygen-compressor shop are also working, which provide the necessary components to the steelmaking division. Gradually, under the conditions of uninterrupted power supply, other production equipment will also resume work," the message says.

According to the report, by the end of the current year, the company plans to produce steel for the production of rolled goods.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in 9 months, Metinvest reduced the production of finished products 2.3 times to 2.4 million tons.

In February, Metinvest has created the Kametstal enterprise on the basis of the Dniprovskyi Metallurgical Plant (DMK) and the Dniprovskyi Coke and Chemical Plant (both - Kamyanske, Dnipropetrovsk Region).

The main shareholders of the Metinvest group are SCM (71.24%) and the Smart-holding group (23.76%), which participate in the management of Metinvest on a partnership basis.

100% of SCM shares belong to businessman Rinat Akhmetov, Smart-Holding is controlled by Vadym Novinsky.