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Air defense forces down 21 missiles over Odesa Region

Air defense forces down 21 missiles over Odesa Region

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Air defense units shot down 21 enemy missiles over the Odesa Region.

This was announced by Head of Odesa Regional Military Administration Maksym Marchenko on Telegram.

According to him, fragments of one of the rockets fell into a residential building.

"21 missiles were shot down by air defense units over the region!!! Fragments of one of the enemy's missiles fell into a residential building, fortunately, there were no casualties. Unfortunately, the energy infrastructure was damaged as a result of the hits, so there are emergency power outages in the region. All services are on the ground and work," Marchenko wrote.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, fragments of downed rockets damaged two private houses, an enterprise, and a playground in Kyiv. Currently, three victims are known as a result of the Russian missile attack on Kyiv.

Meanwhile, Russian terrorist forces are attacking Ukraine from various directions with air and sea-based cruise missiles from strategic aircraft and ships.

On December 29, Adviser to the head of the Presidential Office Oleksii Arestovych warned about the launch of more than 100 missiles by Russia in several waves.


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