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Italian Defense Minister Believes That Russia May Resort To Nuclear Strike

Italian Defense Minister Believes That Russia May Resort To Nuclear Strike

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Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto believes that in the event of Russia's defeat in the war, Putin may resort to a nuclear strike.

Il Fatto Quotidiano writes about it.

"The use of tactical nuclear energy is planned by Russia. It is unthinkable for us, and for Moscow - yes, if the point of no return is passed, if they risk defeat. In short, the danger potentially exists, although it is very unlikely," the minister said.

He added that Italy will continue to support Ukraine by providing it with military aid. In particular, he noted that Ukraine has been asking for air defense equipment for a long time, but it is difficult to provide them.

"You won't find missiles in a supermarket, like a jar of Nutella, these are complex systems that require a long production time. You can't say: OK, tomorrow I'll go and buy a hundred missiles. They don't exist. Therefore, if we give Ukraine air defense systems, we must take them from our reserves, and we must do it without depriving ourselves of protection, and with confidence in quality," the minister added.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the threat of nuclear war is growing in the world.

However, CIA Director William Burns said that his agency does not currently see any clear evidence of Russia's plans to use tactical nuclear weapons.