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Over 900,000 Ukrainian Refugees Remain In Poland

Over 900,000 Ukrainian Refugees Remain In Poland

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As of late December, there are 950,000 Ukrainian refugees in Poland who left their country due to the Russian invasion. Bartosz Marchuk, deputy head of the Polish Development Fund, wrote about this on Twitter, European Pravda publication reports.

"Now there are 950,000 refugees in Poland, which is by more than 400,000 less than during the peak in the summer, according to the PESEL (individual personal number) base, there were 1.4 million. Plus 1.2 - 1.3 million Ukrainians who came before the war. In total - about 2.3 million," he wrote.

According to Barchuk, 90% of refugees are women and children. They make up 2.5% of the population of Poland.

Most of the refugees settled in the Lower Silesia and Mazovia Voivodeships, where their number is 3.7% of the country's population.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, citizens of Ukraine who received the status of temporary protection in Poland are increasingly finding that it has been revoked. Usually, the loss of UKR status (in the PESEL register) is revealed when applying to local institutions or when returning to the territory of Poland. The Embassy of Ukraine in Poland has provided recommendations on what to do in such cases for Ukrainians and what grounds there may be for annulment of the status.