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Ukraine Will Be Engaged In Development Of Drones That Could Counter Shahed

Ukraine Will Be Engaged In Development Of Drones That Could Counter Shahed

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Ukraine will develop air-to-air drones that could shoot down other drones, such as Shahed.

This was announced by the Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov in an interview with ABC.

"I can already say that the situation with drones will change dramatically in February or March," Fedorov noted, adding that Ukrainian engineers are already conducting research and development.

According to him, Ukraine purchased about 1,400 drones for reconnaissance and surveillance of the battlefield. However, the military is in dire need of attack drones and kamikaze drones. Some of them are being developed in Ukraine.

Fedorov also announced that there will be more drone missions in the future.

It will be recalled that the state concern Ukroboronprom has entered the final stage of tests of the Ukrainian attack drone.

Earlier, Ukroboronprom announced the appearance of Ukrainian attack drones.

Meanwhile, Ukrspecsystems has developed a new SHARK unmanned aircraft system, which is resistant to work in EW conditions, and which can correct the American HIMARS rocket artillery systems. It is emphasized that the development of this reconnaissance UAV from the project to the first flight took less than six months. Now SHARK is fully ready for use in combat conditions.