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Electricity Shortage Increases In Ukraine - Ukrenergo

Electricity Shortage Increases In Ukraine - Ukrenergo

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Due to the shutdown of several power plant units, the electricity shortage in Ukraine has increased.

The press service of Ukrenergo announced this on the Telegram channel, Ukrainian News reports.

As of December 28, the electricity deficit in the system has increased. This is due to the shutdown of some power plant units due to shelling of gas infrastructure in the eastern region," it said.

At the same time, due to relatively warm weather, for the fourth day in a row, power consumption restrictions are not applied during the night.

However, as a result, the available power in the power grid is not enough to meet all the needs of consumers.

In this regard, consumption limits have been brought to all regions, exceeding which leads to the need to apply emergency shutdowns.

According to the report, repair crews of Ukrenergo, electricity producers and distribution system operators are working continuously to improve the situation with electricity supply.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, as of December 27, the power deficit in the Ukrainian power system has slightly decreased, while the level of electricity consumption has increased.