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Due To Storm, Invaders Hid Ships In Basing Points - South Operational Command

Due To Storm, Invaders Hid Ships In Basing Points - South Operational Command

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Due to a storm in the Black Sea, the enemy as much as possible moved their ships with missiles to the basing points.

The head of the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine Natalia Humeniuk reported this on the air of the telethon.

"The sea is on our side because the weather is really contributing now, the storm is intensifying. They as much as possible moved their ship grouping to the basing points, leaving now on combat duty only 3 units, for example, out of ten for the previous day and all missile carriers at the basing points," said Humeniuk.

However, she noted that this is not a reason to relax, because ships can return. Since this is not so critical a storm that will not allow you to go to sea at all and perform tasks.

"We know that 2-3 hours and they can be combined. Missile carriers are equipped, ready for use, just hiding from the storm," said Humeniuk.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the invaders fired on the city of Oleshky, Kherson Region, as a result of which one person was killed and five others were wounded.

In addition, the State Border Guard Service has not yet recorded an offensive group of the Russian Federation in Belarus.

Meanwhile, in the Luhansk Region there is an increase in cases of desertion of Russian servicemen.