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Danilov Warns Of Threat Of Russian Shelling For New Year Holidays

Danilov Warns Of Threat Of Russian Shelling For New Year Holidays

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On the New Year holidays, the actions of the enemy are difficult to predict, but you need to be ready for anything, including shelling.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleksii Danilov spoke about this on the air of the United News telethon.

According to the NSDC Secretary, the Russians have not so many missiles left, so perhaps they will save them and keep them for some other reason. At the same time, he said that when exactly the next massive rocket attack on the territory of Ukraine will take place, it is impossible to predict.

"As for shelling, we cannot guarantee that before the New Year there will not be what our crazy neighbor sometimes does. We know for sure that it no longer has so many missiles left and will have enough for massive shelling for two or three or a maximum of four times. It is also aware of this, so we will think that it will save them for the following things, so that in the end we spend the New Year holidays calmly. The energy system is ready for this. But, unfortunately, not everything depends on us," said Danilov.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, all thermal and hydroelectric power plants were damaged in Ukraine. Shmyhal named the consequences of eight waves of missile attacks by the Russian Federation.