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Emergency power outages continue in Kyiv

Emergency power outages continue in Kyiv

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Emergency power outages continue in Kyiv and the region on December 28. So, the schedules are still not working yet.

This follows from a statement by the DTEK Kyiv Electric Networks.

"Emergency power outages are taking place in Kyiv. Stabilization outage schedules (STBs) that were drawn up earlier are currently not in effect. DTEK's energy engineers, together with specialists of Ukrenergo, other emergency services and state authorities, are doing everything possible to stabilize the situation as soon as possible," the message says.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, all thermal and hydroelectric power stations in Ukraine were damaged. Shmyhal named the consequences of eight waves of Russian missile attacks.

Earlier, it became known that the situation with light in Kyiv is improving. Yasno reported "as close to schedule" outages as possible.

Energy workers in Kyiv managed to come up with recovery schemes for three districts that suffered the most during the last week. We are talking about Obolon, Kurenivka and Borshchahivka. As a result of the shelling, some people remained without electricity for several days.

The districts are already recovering in the same rhythm as all of Kyiv. That is, without any difference in schedules between the banks of the capital. As the head of Yasno explained: "On December 25, the whole city "breathes" equally in terms of light. You can say that equality has come."


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