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9% Of AFU Are Women, About 5,000 Directly Involved In Hostilities - Reznikov

9% Of AFU Are Women, About 5,000 Directly Involved In Hostilities - Reznikov

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In the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine serve 9% of women, about 5,000 women directly participate in combat operations. Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov wrote about this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Currently, 41,000 women are serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and about 19,000 more are civilian workers who work for the needs of the army. About 5,000 women are directly involved in hostilities," he said.

Reznikov noted that today Ukraine has a strong indicator of the number of women in the Armed Forces, even among NATO member countries. Thus, the number of female military personnel in the armies of NATO member countries ranges from 0.3% to 20%. In the USA - 17%, in the United Kingdom - 11%, in Poland - 7%, in Denmark - 8%, in Estonia - 10%.

Reznikov reported that 9% of the ranks of the Armed Forces are women.

He also informed that the Ministry of Defense takes care of the supply of appropriate clothes and underwear for female military personnel. According to him, the first batches of women's uniforms and underwear have already arrived at several brigades for testing.

After testing the uniforms for the women-defenders and receiving comments and wishes from them, the samples will be finalized by the manufacturer, after which Reznikov promised to make changes to the order of the Ministry of Defense "On approval of the Rules for wearing military uniforms and insignia by servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and lyceums of military lyceums".

He also announced that in January the Ministry of Defense plans to start work on the introduction of a separate type of high-toed boots for female military personnel. The same applies to body armor, taking into account anthropological properties.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on October 7, the Verkhovna Rada made the military registration of women voluntary.