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Power Deficit Down, But Consumption Rises - Ukrenergo

Power Deficit Down, But Consumption Rises - Ukrenergo

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As of December 27, the capacity deficit in the energy system of Ukraine has decreased, as the production volumes of power plants have increased. This is stated in the message of the press service of the Ukrenergo national energy company on Facebook.

Also, a unit at one of the thermal power plants was connected to the grid after emergency restoration work to eliminate the consequences of one of the latest Russian missile attacks.

Although the capacity deficit in the power system has decreased, consumption has increased. Therefore, the available capacity in the system is still not enough to satisfy all the needs of consumers in the country.

"Because at the same time, the level of consumption in the energy system increased. This is connected with the gradual return to operation of power grids that were damaged during massive attacks, as well as with the restoration of energy infrastructure in the de-occupied territories. Accordingly, the number of consumers to whom at least partially electricity supply has been restored, the volume of industry consumption is also increasing," Ukrenergo reported.

It is noted that consumption limits have been established for all regions, exceeding which leads to the need for emergency power outages.

Ukrenergo reminded that repair crews are working around the clock to eliminate the consequences of 9 missile attacks and 12 UAV attacks by the enemy on the energy system of Ukraine.

"We do not forget that the enemy is not going to stop in its intentions to plunge the country into darkness. Energy workers are preparing for any possible scenario and will restore the power system under any conditions. Everyone must be prepared for different situations and take care of those who need it," Ukrenergo emphasized.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, information about the cancellation of emergency power outages has recently started to spread online, but it does not correspond to reality.

On Tuesday, December 27, emergency power outages continue to be used in the capital and the Kyiv Region. Schedules made earlier are still not working.