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Russia Interested In Hunting Patriot Systems With Iranian Missiles - Media

Russia Interested In Hunting Patriot Systems With Iranian Missiles - Media

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The attack on the Patriot system, which the West provides to Ukraine, has a rather important strategic and political significance for Russia and Iran.

This is reported by Forbes.

According to the publication, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, may very well encourage the use of weapons supplied by Iran for any attempt to destroy the Patriot exactly on the territory of Ukraine.

"Putin's patron Tehran would welcome such an attack on the Ukrainian Patriot, as it would show that its technology can neutralize one of the most advanced air defense systems developed in the United States. It is not surprising that the Iranian military would even help Russia in planning and carrying out such an attack," the material says.

At the same time, the Russian Federation may try to apply the battle-tested strategy used by the Houthis during the war in Yemen.

If the Ukrainian Patriot is installed to defend Kyiv, which is quite likely, then the Russian Federation could launch an unprecedented number of Iranian kamikaze drones and missiles aimed at its radar to ensure the destruction of this battery. In this way, the Kremlin will make it clear that its attacks cannot be stopped, despite all the efforts of the U.S. and its allies to strengthen Ukraine's air defense.

However, according to Forbes, it is unlikely that Ukraine will use its Patriot against these munitions, because firing Patriot missiles against the Shahed is too expensive. And since the beginning of the war, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have shown themselves to be very skillful and clever in maneuvering their air defense systems in order to avoid destruction. So, the Patriot system may well survive despite serious threats.

"In any case, Washington never assumed that the delivery of the Patriot would be the so-called turning point in this war. The transfer of this system is more symbolic for demonstrating America's determination to support Ukraine as long as necessary," the publication notes.

However, Forbes still emphasizes that the destruction of the Ukrainian Patriot appears to be too symbolic for Putin, who may conclude that conducting an operation to destroy the system would be a worthy pretext solely for propaganda purposes.

We remind you that the Patriot air defense system will not be used against Iranian kamikaze drones, this will be done only as a last resort.