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Ukrainian Nobel Laureates Record 28,000 War Crimes Committed By Russians

Ukrainian Nobel Laureates Record 28,000 War Crimes Committed By Russians

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The human rights organization Center for Civil Liberties, which received the Nobel Peace Prize, recorded more than 28,000 war crimes committed by Russians during the invasion.

Oleksandra Matviychuk, head of the organization, told about this in an interview with Ukrainian News Agency.

"Working together with other human rights organizations, mainly regional ones, in the "Tribunal for Putin" initiative, we created a database that already includes about 28,000 criminal episodes," she said.

The head of the Center for Civil Liberties noted that they concentrated on documenting war crimes in the first weeks and months of the invasion, because Ukraine faced an unprecedented number of them.

"At the moment, in cooperation with other organizations in the "Tribunal for Putin" initiative, we are documenting all war crimes. We have an ambitious goal - to record even the smallest criminal episodes that were committed in every village of every region," Matviychuk said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on December 11, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in Oslo, from Ukraine it was received by the Center for Civil Liberties.