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Invaders Keep Missile Carriers With 20 Kalibr Missiles In Black Sea At Ready - Southern Defense Forces

Invaders Keep Missile Carriers With 20 Kalibr Missiles In Black Sea At Ready - Southern Defense Forces

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The Russian occupation army has increased the number of missile carriers in the Black Sea. Currently, the terrorists are holding about 20 Kalibr missiles at the ready. In total, there are 11 Russian ships in the Black Sea, including three missile carriers. Natalia Humeniuk, a spokeswoman for the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine, told about this on the air of the telethon.

According to her, the increase in the enemy's ship group, which includes missile carriers, may speak of the intentions of the invaders, which President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned about the day before. In particular, the terrorists can carry out another rocket attack before the holidays.

“The ship's grouping has increased. In the Black Sea there are 11 units and among them there are missile carriers equipped with missiles. These are two surface and one underwater ships. The total volley can be 20 missiles. This may indicate that the enemy is preparing the challenges mentioned by our supreme commander," the South Operational Command reported.

Humeniuk does not exclude that in this way the occupiers can put psychological pressure on Ukrainians. However, she once again urged in no way to ignore air raid alarms.

"It can also say that they are trying to just terrorize, continue psychological pressure on the population of Ukraine. In any case, an air raid alarm is a mandatory signal," said Humeniuk.

Also, the South Operational Command explained that there is no direct relationship between the appearance of missile carriers in the Black Sea and the specific date of a possible rocket attack. In recent days, adverse weather conditions at sea have been a deterrent to the increase in ship grouping.

"There is no direct dependence on when the missile launchers were taken out and when the missiles were launched. This may suggest that for a long time there were no missile carriers in the Black Sea, firstly, given the weather. There was a storm warning and waves powerful enough, they hid in the basing points, after the sea calmed down, they went on duty again, also given their craving for scraps and dates, to put psychological pressure first, they can use massive or single missile attacks on important objects on the eve of the holidays," Humeniuk explained.