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During Festive Period, Russian Terrorists Can Step Up Again - Zelenskyy

During Festive Period, Russian Terrorists Can Step Up Again - Zelenskyy

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warns Ukrainians that Russian terrorists can step up again during the approaching festive time.

Zelenskyy said this in his traditional evening video address, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"And please remember who are fighting against us. During the approaching festive time, Russian terrorists can step up again. They despise Christian values and any values at all. Therefore, please consider the air raid alarms, help each other and always take care of each other," Zelenskyy said.

He added in Russian language that Russian citizens should clearly understand that terror never goes unanswered.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Russia on the night of Monday, December 19, attacked Ukraine with 35 Shahed kamikaze drones, 30 of them were shot down by air defense forces.

Zelenskyy said that on the night of December 19, Ukraine was attacked by Iranian drones from a new party that Russia had received from Iran.