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Occupiers Demolished Half Of Drama Theater Building In Mariupol

Occupiers Demolished Half Of Drama Theater Building In Mariupol

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The occupiers demolished half of the building of the Drama Theater in Mariupol, Donetsk Region. This was announced by Petro Andriushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, in Telegram.

He noted that in a few days there will be no physical memory of the Drama Theater.

"While Mariupol in exile is thinking about Cultural Deoccupation, the occupiers demolished half of the Drama Theater in Mariupol. They just completely demolished it. In two days, not even a physical memory of it will remain. Scums. Fury. Just fury," he wrote.

Andriushchenko also published a video of the demolition of the building.

"Therefore, the rear and central parts of the theater will be completely dismantled, but the front part will be left intact, as the "basis of the reconstruction". That is, only those parts of the building that prove the bombing will be dismantled, and not the detonation from the inside invented by propaganda.

More than 300 residents of Mariupol were killed. The whole world shuddered. And the Russians continue to cynically pretend it's nothing," said the mayor's advisor.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in late August, in the temporarily captured Mariupol, the invaders demanded that the remains of those killed in the Drama Theater be covered with concrete, and they tried to eliminate the corpse smell with the help of chlorine.

In September, it became known that the occupiers want to rebuild the Drama Theater in Mariupol destroyed by Russian bombs and have already closed it with metal shields.

It will be recalled that on March 16, Russian troops dropped a heavy-duty aerial bomb on the building of the Drama Theater of Mariupol, Donetsk Region, where civilians were at that time. About 600 people were killed in the attack.