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Antimonopoly Committee Fines Greenfield Tea Producer UAH 80 Million For Reporting Incomplete Information About

Antimonopoly Committee Fines Greenfield Tea Producer UAH 80 Million For Reporting Incomplete Information About Ultimate Beneficiary From Russia

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The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) fined Orimi Ukraine LLC UAH 80 million for reporting incomplete information about the ultimate beneficiary from Russia.

This is stated in the message of the AMCU, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The case against the company was initiated by the AMCU based on the statement of the retailer - Vostorg LLC. In it, it was reported that Orimi Ukraine LLC sent an e-mail to retail chains and distributors of Ukraine with a statement that its ultimate beneficial owners, in particular the majority beneficiary owner of corporate rights in the authorized capital is Veronika Kasyanenko, not related to the Russian Federation. The letter also emphasized that Kasyanenko has been a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for the past 10 years and "is an international independent private investor, actively invests in shares and bonds of public of companies all over the world ... and does not invest in Russia, is not a shareholder of any Russian companies, does not conduct business in Russia,'' the message reads.

It is noted that the applicant to the AMCU stressed that Orimi Ukraine LLC may be related to the Russian company Orimi Trade, the owners of which are Russian businessmen Sergei Kasyanenko and Alexander Evnevich.

At the same time, in the reply letter sent to the request of AMCU to provide information, Orimi Ukraine LLC stated that it does not have information about Veronika Kasyanenko's connections with Sergei Kasyanenko.

"At the same time, thanks to the information received from the SSU, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and from the defendant's trade networks and competitors, the AMCU established the fact of the existence of family ties between Veronika Kasyanenko (beneficiary of Orimi Ukraine LLC) and Sergei Kasyanenko (one of the owners of the Russian company Orimi Trade). The distribution of incomplete information about its owners from the Russian Federation by Orimi Ukraine LLC in letters, in particular, the denial of the fact of their direct relationship with the aggressor country, may affect the intentions of trade networks and distributors to cooperate with the defendant and sale its goods, as well as - at the desire of Ukrainian consumers to buy goods of the specified brands. Such actions are a violation of the legislation on protection against unfair competition. For which the defendant was fined," the message reads.

Orimi Ukraine LLC is a producer of tea and natural coffee, its products are produced under such trademarks registered in Ukraine as Greenfield, TESS, Pryntsesa Hita, Pryntsesa Kandi, Pryntsesa Nuri and Pryntsesa Yava, Jardin, Piazza del Caffe and Zhokey.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the NBU has banned Russian citizens from holding managerial positions in banks.

In March, the Verkhovna Rada approved the grounds and procedure for the forcible seizure of objects of property rights of Russia and its residents in Ukraine.