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US Sanctions New Iranian Officials For Crackdown On Protests And First Executions

US Sanctions New Iranian Officials For Crackdown On Protests And First Executions

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The U.S. Treasury has announced sanctions against two more Iranian officials and one company in connection with the severe suppression of protests and the first executions of protesters.

European Pravda reports this.

Iranian Prosecutor General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri and Imen Sanat Zaman Fara, which is considered the manufacturer of a significant share of special equipment that Iranian security forces use to suppress protests, were sanctioned.

These are also two regional leaders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps - in Tehran and Kurdistan.

Two top representatives of the Basij paramilitary organization, which has functions close to the police, and is controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, were also punished with sanctions. One of them, Moslem Moein, heads the cyber department of the structure, including monitoring the actions of Iranians online and censorship. He calls for the creation of a closed Internet network in Iran in order to fully control the online space and cut off access to the global network to Iranians. The second of the Basij is deputy coordinator Hussain Maroufi.

In recent weeks, repressions against protesters have continued in Iran and the first two executions of protesters have become known, one of them was public.

Recall that the UK has imposed sanctions against the company and three Iranian citizens for the supply of drones to Russia.

In addition, the United States has not yet found signs that Iran is transferring its missiles to Russia.

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