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Over 10,000 New Graves Found In Mariupol - AP

Over 10,000 New Graves Found In Mariupol - AP

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About 10,300 new graves were found in the temporarily occupied Mariupol, most of them are in the cemetery in the Staryi Krym.

This is reported by The Associated Press.

According to satellite images, the total area where the graves are located is more than 51,500 square meters.

AP journalists conducted an investigation with the help of drones and found that the Russians used heavy equipment to dig long trenches, which were then filled in.

The graves looked like earthen mounds, sometimes with wooden crosses with names and dates, but mostly with hand-scratched numbers. Several graves were marked with more than one number, potentially indicating more than one set of human remains.

The agency notes that, on average, there is one grave per six square meters on the territory of mass burials. Journalists were also able to analyze cemeteries in the villages of Manhush and Vynohradne, where similar mass graves were dug since March.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in Mariupol, the movement of Russian trucks through the city center to Manhush was recorded.

In addition, Russian fleet bases will appear in occupied Mariupol and Berdiansk.