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Russia Deploys 10 Ships On Combat Duty In Black Sea - Ukrainian Navy

Russia Deploys 10 Ships On Combat Duty In Black Sea - Ukrainian Navy

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As of December 21, there are 10 Russian ships on combat duty in the Black Sea. This is stated in the message of the Naval Forces of Ukraine in Telegram.

It is noted that there are no missile carriers among the ships in the Black Sea.

In the Sea of Azov, the Russian Federation controls maritime communications by keeping 2 ships on combat duty.

There are 9 enemy ships in the Mediterranean Sea, 5 of which are carriers of Kalibr cruise missiles. The total salvo is 72 missiles.

It is reported that during the day, in the interests of the Russian Federation, the passage through the Kerch-Yenikal Strait was carried out by:

  • to the Sea of Azov - 26 vessels, of which 4 vessels were moving from the Bosphorus Strait;
  • to the Black Sea - 39 vessels, of which 11 vessels continued their movement in the direction of the Bosphorus Strait.

Russia continues to violate the 1974 International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) by disabling automatic identification systems (AIS) on civilian vessels in the Sea of Azov.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, last Friday, December 16, a Russian missile carrier with Kalibr missiles remains in the Black Sea, ready for the next attack.

Photos of what the Zmiinyi Island in the Black Sea looks like, liberated from Russian troops, were recently published online.