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Zelenskyy says he leaves Kyiv for United States

Zelenskyy says he leaves Kyiv for United States

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that he had left for the United States. This is his first foreign visit outside Ukraine since February 24.

The President wrote about it on his Twitter.

Zelenskyy noted that he will discuss cooperation between Ukraine and the United States with U.S. President Joe Biden and will address Congress and hold a number of bilateral meetings.

The White House said that Zelenskyy independently decided that the security situation allowed him to fly to the United States.

"We had the opportunity to consult closely with President Zelenskyy about the security parameters so that he could leave the country, come to the United States for a short period and return. Of course, that final decision was made by him. He concluded that these security parameters were consistent with what he needed. We agreed to that, so we are complying accordingly," said a White House official in a telephone conversation with the media.

As earlier reported, according to Politico, the delegation of Ukraine in the United States will ask for the supply of ATACMS and Gray Eagle.