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Kyivans Warned Not To Count On Electricity Schedules In Near Future

Kyivans Warned Not To Count On Electricity Schedules In Near Future

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The extremely difficult situation with electricity remains in Kyiv, so in the near future it is not even a question of blackout schedules returning. Light will be given to everyone in turn, but not for long.

This was written on Facebook by the CEO of YASNO Serhii Kovalenko.

"Unfortunately, the state of the system in Kyiv has not changed much. Almost the entire city was disconnected over a day, about 1.1 million users. We do not count on approaching the schedule yet. In fact, now we have 50% less power than necessary. But the light is stably supplied to critical infrastructure, the city is mainly with water and heating," said Kovalenko.

He emphasized that now dispatchers are trying to connect all areas at least for a short time. However, in Kyiv there are houses that have not been re-connected since yesterday morning.

Kovalenko also added that the situation with electricity supply in the Dnipro has stabilized. Energy staff is trying to approach blackout schedules.

On December 19, as a result of missile attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure, residents of the capital are experiencing not only problems with light, but also with access to the Internet.

Also on December 19, emergency blackouts were introduced in Kyiv in connection with a missile attack.